Posada Bistruey

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Charming accommodation in rural Liébana Vega from less than 7km to Potes. 

In the heart of the Picos de Europa you will find a lounge area fully integrated with nature and their environment.

The inn has seven rooms decorated with recycled, such as pallets, wood woodshed, old doors or trunks of trees collected from around the village materials.

Accommodation includes breakfast town, free wifi throughout the building and invitation for a guided tour of the winery and wine marc Picos Cabariezo visit. On the other hand, pets are allowed on request weighing less than 12kg.

Importantly, the Inn is located only 7 km. Potes, which makes travel around the Liebana Valley, and the possibility of practicing any of the leisure activities, adventure, sport, culture and gastronomy of the region offers.

For bikers, we offer special conditions in groups and garage option.

Cyclists, we have at your disposal a Bikefriendly to save space, repairing or washing your bikes.



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